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You can rely on us for ordermade enclosures!From development and design to manufacturing  , we offer you a one stop service that will satisfy our customers' various needs

You can rely on us for enclosures such as fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks and mufflers for construction machines, agricultural machines and Industrial machines.
Our advantage is that we can develop ,design and manufacture enclosures used for many purposes using our unique technology and uncompromising quality.
Since the company was established on 1923, we have accumulated our unique technological know how, and have been challanging to new technology.
We empoly high quality Low cost production methods, and continue to provide good quality and reliable delivery .

-Our main products

Introduction of our products

  • For Hydraulic Excavetors
    For Hydraulic Excavetors
    • Fuel tanks(17t to 125t model)
    • Hydraulic tanks(17t to 200t model)
    • Covers
    • Exhaust related parts(Muffle,Pipe)
    • Fender Assemby
    • Inlet related parts(Tubes, Ducts)
  • For Bulldozers
    For Bulldozers
    • Fuel tanks
    • Hydraulic tanks
    • Covers
    • Exaust related parts(Mufflers,Pipes)
    • Fender Assembly
  • For Combines
    For Combines
    • Mufflers
    • Frames
    • Tanks
    • Others
  • For Cranes
    For Cranes
    • Tanks
    • Others

Our belief in manufacturing

Our policy has not changed since our establishment,  This is our source of power for creating new products

Our guide[Image]"Our guide" that was written at the time of founding, is still the basic philosophy of the way we work and think.
If all the employees think and work together, we can work efficiently and produce high quality products that our customers can depend on.

Our efforts in Quality improvement

We are uncompromising in our effrots for quality imporovement and ensure that we deliver highly reliable products to satisfy our custmers.

Each operator in manufacturing is also the inspector . It is our policty to weave in good quality in our manufacturing process.
Our quality assurance department places strong emphasis on supporting and structuring better quality and stable production.

Inrecgnition of our efforts, Hanken was awarded by one of our customeres in April, 2015. We will continue to do our utmost to strive for better quality for our customers.

Integrated production from development to manufacturing

Our advantage is that we have the resource to develop,design and manufacture inhouse.
urantee customers satisfaction in products specification, quality and cost.

Integrated production[Image]

Flow of manufacturing

Persistance in our facility

Facility[Image]The tanks and mufflers are used in different sites and on different purposes.

Hanken has a viriety of facilities so that our customers needs can be met and we have an intergrated inhouse manufacturing system that covers everything from forming and welding to painting.
We handle a wide range of steel thickness from 1.2t to 12.0t.

Introduction of our equipment


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