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Hanken manufacture construction machine parts such as, engine hoods, fender, platform floor, tanks and mufflers of all sizes. We have an integrated manufacturing system including everything from forming metal products, bending , welding to assembly, beautifully finished and of the highest standards.

Since we also manufacture covers and enclosures that are exposed we make sure that our products are durable, beaufifully finished and of the hightest standards.

  1. STEP.01 Development


    We can develop model parts using 2D / 3D CAD based on drawings we receive from customers, or we can design products from scratch according to customer needs.

  2. STEP.02 Forming


    Our laser cutting machine will cut various types of steel material, thickness , shapes and designs with precision.
    The cutting plane is processed using a hydrogen gas generator to prevent oxidation of the cutting plane.
    Please consult with us if you want to order a large lot size. The manufacturing process could be automated and there will be opportunities for cost reduction.
    We are equipped with a variety of press machines that have a maximum capacity of 1000t. We operate in a flexible manufacturing system, and can also handle small lot size products

  3. STEP.03 Welding process

    Welding process[Image]Welding process[Image]Welding process[Image]

    We make dedicated jigs for each product, and layout a flexible manufacturing line which enables us to produce small lot products efficiently.
    Our skilled welders will manufacture high quality products with speed.
    Also the robotic welding system is programmed to fabricate various lot size products with absolute accuracy.

  4. STEP.04 Panit Process

    Panit Process[Image]Panit Process[Image]Panit Process[Image]

    We have 4 solvent paint facilities and 1 powder paint facility.
    We can paint products of all sizes.
    An expert painter will paint complex shaped products with perfection.

  5. STEP.05 Assembly Process

    Assembly Process[Image]Assembly Process[Image]Assembly Process[Image]

    After painting, our parts are assembled with speed and precistion in time for delivery.

  6. STEP.06 Inspection Process

    Inspection Process[Image]Inspection Process[Image]Inspection Process[Image]

    Before delivery to our customers, a dedicated inspector will check thoroughly to ensure the product is made according to specifications.

  7. STEP.07 Completion


    Delivery of the final product to our customer

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