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Greeting from the president

Take initiative and respond quickly to the changing times.Build up excellence and energy to pursue eternal growth .

To provide products and services that will satisfy our customers.
To always have an insatiable thirst for the latest technology, this is our lifesource.
To work whloleheartedly is our spirit.
We will continue to work together bring new value to our customers.
We maximize our potential and deliver excellent products and services .

Managing Director Nobuo Matsuda

Management philosophy

Management philosophy

  1. Make employees and their family happy.
  2. Deliver customers worldwide products using leading edge technology and development.
  3. Cultivate employees to think proactively and improve themselves continuously.

Corporate Principle

MizuGokun(The Five Principles of Water)

Corporate profile

Corporate nameHanken Works Ltd
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+81-745-44-2362(General affairs)
Year of foundationMarch 1923
Representative directorManaging director Nobuo Matsuda
Capital stock¥38 million(ended March 31, 2014)
Main customerKomatsu Ltd (Osaka / Awazu / Ibaragi / Oyama / Overseas), Kobelco (Itsukaichi / Oogaki / Ohkubo), Kubota (Sakai / Hirakata / Tsukuba / Utsunomiya), Denyo, Sakai heavy industries Ltd, Sumitomo, Caterpiller, Hitachi construction machinery, Others
Registration card

Hanken Works Ltd is registered as an Industrial health and safety business establishment of small businessJapan Industrial Safety and Health Association is an organization that supports small businesses health and safety systems.
The organization helps strengthen businesses to achieve the goals set for health and safety standards.
The certificate is to certify that our company has the foundation and consistancy to meet health and safety requirements.
Our health and safety standards were well recognised and we were certified on Feb 2014.

Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association web site >

Corporate History

  1. March 1923General partnership company Hanken Works was founded
    Founder Mr.Chouzo Kawamura
    Started development and manufacturing of steel fittings
  2. Oct 1938Started manufacturing of onshore charcoal gas generators
    Supplied to trucking company throughout Kinki area
  3. June 1945Burned down by war damage
  4. July 1946Restart as manufacturing of steel sashes, automotive mufflers, cultivator frames, engine mufflers
  5. Aug 1957Founded Hanken Works Ltd
    Managing Director Mr.Chouzo Kawamura
  6. Feb 1959Mr.Hiroshi Kawamura acceded as new Managing Director
  7. April 1967Started manufacturing of Large construction machine mufflers
  8. Sep 1968Began operation of Nara plant
  9. Nov 1975Completion of Testing lab in Nara plant
  10. May 1980Awarded "Quality Control Award" from Komatsu Ltd
  11. June 1986Separation of Osaka plant and Nara plant
    Hanken Nara Ltd Managind Director Mr.Takashi Kawamura
    Hanken Osaka Ltd
  12. 1994Started manufacturing of Fuel and Hydraulic tank of Hydaulic excavators
  13. March 1995Founded PT.HANKEN INDONESIA
  14. April 2004Consolidation of Hanken Nara Ltd and Hanken Works Ltd
  15. July 2005Started operation of Awazu plant
  16. April 2006Awarded "Grand Partner Award" from Komatsu Ltd
  17. Oct 2006Started operation of Kitakantou plant
  18. Oct 2008Expansion of PT.HANKEN INDONESIA
    Moved to MM2100
  19. Aug 2009Moved Fender Assembly production from Komatsu Osaka plant to Nara plant
  20. June 2013Mr.Takashi Kawamura acceded as New chairman
    Mr.Nobuo Matsuda acceded as New Managing director
  21. March 2017Honorable retirement of Chairman Mr.Takashi Kawamura
  22. 2023100th anniversary of foundation

Environmental policy

<Corporate Identity>
Our basic concept is to preserve this beautiful earth environment for the future. All our employees conduct environmental conservation activities in their work place, and continue contributing to the society by providing products and services that satisfy our customers.
<Basic policy>
  1. We continue to pursue environmentally friendly technology, process and material use, and will strive for environmental improvement and pollution prevention.
  2. As well as complying to environmental laws and regulations and other requirements, we try our best to make a safe and secure environment for customers and business partners.
  3. We set tangible objectives and goals for the following activities.
    1. (1) Reduce waste through minimizing defects
    2. (2) Save resources through 5S activity and inventory reduction
    3. (3) Save energy through forward Lean production
  4. We promote environmental education to our workers, and give them understanding of our environmental policy
  5. This environmental policy is reinforced within our company and widely publicized to related parties

Hanken Works Ltd supports global environmental protection and we are certified "Environmental management system by Ecostage" Top management and our workers take action in business, environmental and quality improvements."Environmenatal management system Ecostage" Website >

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