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We meet different needs, and cast your ideas into shapes

Our facility lineup is based on manufacturing of construction machines and agricultural machines.
Hanken put in practice the 5S methodology and we operate in a clean and tidy environment.

Our facilities are also maintained in best condition.
We incorporate creativity and inoation to over 90 years experience in namunufacturing technology.

This has enabled us to attain efficiency in our manufacturing process as well as stability in quality control.

As customers' requirement for "Quality,Cost,Delivery" raises, we continue to carry out "5S" "Best condition facility" and "disciplined work process" and strive for cost reduction and product efficiency .

Our main equipments

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  • 1000t press1000t press
  • 500t press500t press
  • Fiber laser machineFiber laser machine
  • Laser cutting machineLaser cutting machine
  • CNC turret punching machineCNC turret punching machine
  • Plazma cutting machinePlazma cutting machine
  • Layout machineLayout machine
  • Machining centerMachining center
  • 110t servo press110t servo press
  • Welding robotWelding robot
  • Large welding robot with positionerLarge welding robot with positioner
  • CO2 welding machineCO2 welding machine
  • Self-developed picking system Self-developed picking system

Facilities by each Plant

Nara headquarters
1000t press(Hydraulic)2
40t to 500t press(Hydraulic)17
Laser cutting machine1
Turret punch press1
Machining centers7
20 to 400t Press brakes6
CNC Lathes3
CO2 welding machines62
Welding robot33
Solvent paint facility4
Powder paint facility1
Layout machine1
3D measurement machine(FaroArm)1
Fiber laser processing machine1
Awazu plant
CO2 welding machine16
Spot welding machine1
Welding robot AX-V4AP1
Welding robot IRB-6012
2t Crane1
0.5t Crane3
490kg Crane1
50 to 80t Press brakes3
Drilling machine ABD-3002
Bandsaw LUXO3001
Fiber laser processing machine1
Kitakanto plant
Building A2.8t overhead cranes2
2.8t cantilever cranes4
Welding robot4
350A CO2/MAG welding machines10
230t brake press1
1.5kw Laser cutting machine1
Building B2.8t overhead crane2
2t cantilever crane1
350A CO2/MAG welding machine1
200A TIG welding machine1
Paint pretreatment booth
Baking oven2
Paint booth2
Paint booth conveyer88.6m
Tank washing machine 1
Tank leaktest facility1
Indonesia plant(P.T.HANKEN INDONESIA)
Plazma cutting machine2
NC turret punching machine3
Press machines5
Press brake machines3
Welding robot3
CO2 welding machines153
Solvent paint facility2

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